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Why helllllllo there! I'm Yu-Ching, and I take photos. Thanks for visiting my site! (I do have to apologize for the current state of the site - it's still under renovation and some details are missing or incomplete.) Regardless, feel free to take a gander around. 

So I'll fill in the blanks in my bio but you're probably more interested in my rates and details and whatnot. So without further ado, here's all the important info. Contact me at yuchingc@bu.edu if you'd like a shoot or have any further questions! 


Portraits & Family

$40/hr for 20+ photos 


$70+/hr for 50+ photos/hr (depending on the event - I'll give you more details on expected rate and photos)


$85+/hr for 30+ photos/hr (more time for each photo will be spent on these engagement photos than event photos)


Oh this is a tough one. Email me for details, but to give you a rough estimate it's $600 per wedding for around 400 photos. I will send you a trailer 


I'll print and ship the prints to you at a better rate than Smugmug does - just email me a photo with the link to it and the size, we'll figure out the lower price, and you'll get your prints  shipped to you. Aint it easy? 

- All photos will be post-processed on Lightroom and you'll get a link where you can download the entire album, full-quality and watermark-free

- Do let me know if you might have trouble paying for the full listed price - I'm always willing to help a brotha out. I'll see what I can do. 

*So you're thinking: what's with the plus signs? Well, (1) I tend to shoot more and longer than the listed number of photos (within reason), so you'll probably end up with more photos and a longer photoshoot unless you tell me to stop, and (2) for the price, I do charge for transportation (think: T or Uber) if it's a little out-of-ways, in addition to other miscellaneous costs (within reason of course). 

Photos might be posted on the website just to showcase my work, but if you'd prefer not to have it up just shoot me a message. 

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